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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hush Hush Ugly Puppy

Hush hush
Here comes an ugly puppy
Hush hush
That is what everyone says
Hush hush
You will never know I say
Hush hush
What a pleasant surprise it may?

© Hush Hush Ugly Puppy


  1. How to do all these? can share?

  2. I am not planning to do any video/tutorial. You can always use google/youtube for "polymer clay".

    A few things you'll absolutely need:
    -polymer clay in different colors (raw material)
    -oven (for baking the pieces)
    -tile (to shape and bake pieces on)

    Basic steps:
    -knead clay
    -shape clay to whatever you are making
    -bake it as instructed
    -one may use multiple baking techniques to assemble a piece

    Internet is your friend!